Why Support Small Business?

We hear the phrase "shop small" often, but why is it important to support local small businesses?

Supporting small, independent stores helps to keep local economies thriving. These businesses create jobs and generate income for the local community. They also help to keep money within the community, rather than having it go to large corporations or businesses that are based outside of the community. Many small businesses donate frequently to local organizations. 

Another reason to support small stores is that they often offer a unique shopping experience that cannot be found elsewhere. These businesses offer products and services that are tailored to the needs of the local community. They often have a more personal touch, and the owners are more invested in the success of their business. The personal experience just cannot be replicated at a big box store.

In addition, supporting small, independent stores helps to preserve the character and culture of a community. These businesses are often integral parts of the community, and they help to maintain the identity of the neighborhood. They also add to the vibrancy and diversity of the community, making it a more interesting and enjoyable place to live.

As a small business owner, running a small, independent store has been a labor of love. My business is more than just a means of generating income; it is an integral part of the community that I serve. I take great pride in the products and services that I offer, and I strive to create a personalized shopping experience that cannot be found in larger chain stores.

The support of the local community is crucial to the success of my business. Every customer who walks through my doors is an opportunity for me to make a difference in their lives and for them to make a difference in mine. By shopping at my store, customers not only support my business, but they also support 140 other Wisconsin based small businesses. Each dollar truly impacts many.  

I am truly grateful for every customer who chooses to shop at my store and those that support me through word of mouth recommendations. Their support allows me to continue to do what I love and to contribute to the well-being of the community that I serve. I am committed to providing the best possible shopping experience and to making a positive impact in the lives of everyone who enters my store.

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