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Long Rifle Soap

Long Rifle Soap Company

Door County, WI

“Tame the beard, not the man,” has been the company’s mantra since 2014. As customers requested products and grew the line, they also served as our guinea pigs and put Brooker through the rigor of creating top-tier, natural beard and shaving products. Word-of-mouth grew the company as customer testimonials hit the shaving and beard forums.  An East Coast transplant and an early North American history geek, Brooker loves the early history of the voyageurs around the Great Lakes, which serves as inspiration for her brand. She is a descendant of three “Filles de Roi,” the women who were shipped to New France for colonization. DNA testing shows she’s cousins with half of French Canada – and knows none of them. Brooker is a former high school boys and girls lacrosse coach, and in addition to her business is currently raising Icelandic Sheep in Door County.